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1h 55m 1986 HD

Assistir 失信的村庄 Assistir PobreTV. The story takes place in Xinzhuang Village in western Henan Province. Due to poverty, Heidun (played by Li Wangxiong) has not yet married and started a family at the age of 27. Ding Yunhe (played by Yu Shaokang) is a retired railway worker who has a unique skill in growing melons.The village party secretary Zhang Migui (played by Yang Zichun) was initially opposed to everyone abandoning the farm to plant melons. Now after the melon farmers harvested a good harvest, he refused to pay Ding Yunhe a large amount of remuneration according to the contract. He began to fabricate baseless charges against Ding Yunhe and took advantage of everyone's small-scale farmer consciousness to defraud Ding Yunhe. Ding Yunhe received the reward he deserved, and organized a farce to catch the rapist, falsely accusing him of having an affair with the landlady. Ding Yunhe angrily left this dishonest village.

失信的村庄 (1986)
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