8mm Portrait Series

8mm Portrait Series

8mm Portrait Series

(6 a partir de 35 comercial)

1h 55m 1979 HD

Assistir 8mm portrait series Assistir PobreTV. Filmed with the Bolex Rx8 camera which was the exact same size as a 16mm Bolex but holding 4 times the amount of film time-wise. These rolls were spontaneously edited with my in-camera style and have emerged as portraits, mostly of artist friends, including the painter and colleague Lynn Shelton at work in his San Francisco home studio. There is also a black & white “portrait” of my old Los Angeles neighborhood and a glimpse of my current locale in Sonoma County California. The painter's eye and a musician's lyricism is at the root of these cinematic explorations. - Myron Ort

8mm Portrait Series (1979)
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