Der Geschichtenerzähler

Der Geschichtenerzähler

Der Geschichtenerzähler

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1h 55m 1989 HD

Assistir der geschichtenerzähler Assistir PobreTV. In this mystery/thriller based on a novel by Patricia Highsmith, Nico Thomkins (Udo Schenk), a writer, and his wife Helen (Anke Sevenich) are in the habit of playing games with one another. Even while they are breaking up, they are sufficiently in tune with one another to continue this practice. When the writer's wife takes off without leaving a note behind, people begin to suspect that he may have murdered her, and he plays along with this notion to the point of planting clues which would incriminate him. Obviously, no one with a shred of common sense would do such a thing, and these tricks get him into trouble. However, his troubles don't really begin until he starts to search for her in earnest.

Der Geschichtenerzähler (1989)
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