Hilos de sororidad

Hilos de sororidad

Hilos de sororidad

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1h 17m 2019 HD

Assistir hilos de sororidad Assistir PobreTV. 'Hilos de sororidad' tells the tale of the project 'Yarn against sexist violence'. From the origins of the Harituz association in Astigarraga (Basque Country) and guided by its protagonists, it describes the meetings, stories, actions and voyages at home and abroad. In this project, knitting is the vehicle which unites very different women, who become knitters in the fight, and who stand up to sexist violence from sisterhood. The Yarn, an enormous collective bow in progress, which is already more than 6 km long, is a space of symbolisation, where every stretch represents a life taken by sexist violence.

Hilos de sororidad (2019)
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